Emmerdale's Cain Dingle assessed for brain injury

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Cain Dingle has been assessed for a brain injury following his brutal fight with Aaron in Emmerdale.

Earlier this week, the two Dingle family members got involved in a scuffle where Aaron took advantage of Cain showing mercy to viciously beat him down.

Aaron has been on a downward spiral ever since he returned to the village, having bullied family members, cruelly lashed out at mum Chas and even stolen Cain's car.

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Friday's (January 26) episode picked up the following morning after the attack, with Cain trying to hide his face from Moira so she wouldn't realise he'd been attacked.

Moira physically turned him around to see his bruised and battered face, only for Cain to insist he was "sorting" things with Aaron once and for all.

Aaron caught up with a worried Mackenzie in the village, where he insisted that Cain learned his lesson and wouldn't be bothering him anymore. Little did he know Cain was watching him from a parked car…

Moira later tried to warn Aaron that Cain wasn't going to let things go. Aaron quickly realised Moira was right when he found Cain waiting for him in his work trailer.

"Time for another chat," Cain insisted.

cain dingle, emmerdale

He grabbed Aaron by the throat, announcing their previous brawl was "just round one". However, Cain started to lose consciousness and collapsed to the ground.

Later in the episode, Moira received an alarming phone call from Aaron revealing Cain's collapse. She rushed to the hospital where she threatened reprisals on Aaron if anything happened to Cain.

After speaking with the doctor, Moira broke the news to Aaron and Mackenzie that Cain had "some kind of head injury".

Moira then asked Aaron directly: "[Cain is] being assessed for a brain injury, how bad did this tussle get?"

cain dingle, emmerdale

She had to be held back from going at Aaron, but warned him: "If he doesn't wake up, you're going to prison. If he does, you're a dead man."

The story will continue next week with a critical update on Cain's condition

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