Emmerdale's Bob and Cathy Hope in another row over Heath's death

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Bob and Cathy Hope have had another emotional row over Heath's death in Emmerdale.

The two have been at odds since Heath was tragically killed in a car accident on New Year's Day, with Bob unfairly holding a grudge against Cathy because he thought she was driving.

Viewers now know that Angelica King was actually behind the wheel, yet Bob and Cathy have continued to struggle to bond over their grief.

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In Wednesday's (January 17) episode, Bob walked away rather than say hello to his daughter as they crossed paths in the village. Brenda later confronted Bob over his cruel actions.

"Bob, I know you're hurting, but she's hurting too," Brenda explained.

He was reluctant to do so, telling Brenda that he didn't trust himself to be gentle with Cathy since he (wrongly) held her responsible for Heath's death.

"Whatever went on that night, Cathy never wanted this," Brenda told him.

cathy hope, brenda hope, emmerdale

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Brenda brought Bob over so they could talk about their eulogies, though there was another flare-up over the music Bob wanted for the funeral.

Cathy asked him not to play a certain song, but he blew up at her and accused her of trying to control the funeral like she does everything else

"He doesn't get it," Cathy told Brenda and Eric. "That song, it was playing in the car right before we crashed and we were all singing along to it…. Heath especially, he was singing along to the top of his voice."

Once Cathy rushed off, Brenda admitted to Eric that she wasn't sure her family would be able to get through the funeral.

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If you identify with the themes in this article, the NHS has resources available to help with grief counselling and other support in the UK. In the US, the CDC also has resources available for those grieving.

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