Emmerdale's Belle makes wedding change after Tom King comments

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Belle Dingle has made a last minute change to her wedding, following cruel comments about her dress from her fiancé Tom King.

The couple have recently been preparing for their upcoming Valentine's Day nuptials. However, as the big day approaches, Tom has begun to display increasingly controlling behaviour towards his future wife.

Belle was previously left devastated after Tom accidentally saw her dress before the big day, with her fiancé later demanding she get a "better" outfit before the wedding.

Following the couple's 'sten night', tonight's (February 9) episode saw Belle still upset about Tom's comments as she rushed around to make last minute changes to her wedding look.

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Confiding in her wedding planner Suzy, Belle aired her doubts about Tom's insistence on having the reception at The Hide before pleading with her to help find another dress. "Do you ever feel like the world's trying to tell you something?" she said.

Back at home, Belle confronted Tom about his comments the previous night where he called her wedding dress "cheap", telling him: "You can be dead snide when you've had a drink."

However, Tom refused to acknowledge his comments, brushing off Belle's feelings and insisting that he just wants their wedding day to be "an easy one" for her family.

His insistence that he only wanted the day to be perfect appeared to ease Belle's worries, with the pair later sitting down in The Woolpack to discuss their final plans with Suzy.

tom king, belle dingle, emmerdale

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"He's trying," Belle insisted to Suzy after Tom apologised for "apparently" saying he had disliked the dress.

Belle actress Eden Taylor-Draper previously spoke about her character's storyline, hinting that there will be more drama on the horizon for Belle following her wedding day.

"Of course there have been a few things that we have seen. We have witnessed his controlling behaviour but I think Belle herself is just turning a blind eye to all that at the moment under the assumption he's just doing it all out of love," she said of the story, adding that Belle has "no idea" of what lies ahead for her.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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