Emmerdale star teases Cain Dingle role in big Nate and Caleb story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Jurell Carter has teased that Cain Dingle will eventually get involved in his ongoing storyline at the chauffeur company.

Nate recently landed a new job at a chauffeur firm alongside his old friend Corey. However, things have since turned sour after he discovered ongoing criminal activity between Corey and new client Harry, including the transportation of firearms.

Upcoming episodes will see things go from bad to worse for Nate after the bag of guns goes missing, leaving him forced to reveal the illegal dealings to Caleb.

Caleb is then beaten up by Harry's thugs after an attempt to crack down on the gang activity.

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Speaking about the unfolding storyline, Jurell explained that Nate "notices Corey acting very shifty" and doesn't buy his excuse that his large holdall is full of gym kit.

There's a scuffle, and he takes the bag off Corey – and although he "doesn't know what to do with them", he knows that he needs to take the guns away, and stashes them in a dustbin in a panic when he sees Tracy.

He added that Caleb is "fuming" when he finds out what's happened, and is "angry but also disappointed because he thought he could trust Nate".

caleb, nate robinson, emmerdale

"He's let him down massively," he continued. "It's also the first time we realise how serious this Harry guy is. As Caleb mentions, 'if it's the Harry I know of, he's not someone you want to mess with,' this is a further crushing blow to Nate's world. He knows he's in massive trouble."

Jurell also revealed after his reality check from Caleb, Nate becomes extremely concerned about their safety, and he'll be forced to ask for help as the situation escalates and the guns go missing.

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"[He's] very worried," he explained. "Finding out just how big time Harry is and also being reminded by Corey's threats that Harry is a very serious guy and will use violence to prove his point, makes Nate very fearful and apprehensive about both Caleb and Nate's next steps."

Further teasing Cain's involvement in dealing with the gang, he added: "Nate's burden is weighing heavily and he knows serious problems could come from this whole missing guns issue. The burden is too much and he ends up letting Tracy in and confessing all.

"She can't quite get her head around it all... but she knows Caleb can't be left to deal with this issue alone, so asks Nate to go with Cain to this meet with Caleb and Harry."

Will Cain be able to help Nate and Caleb see off the gang?

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