Emmerdale star Karen Blick explains why Lydia doubts Samson

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Karen Blick has explained why Lydia Dingle doesn't feel able to fully trust her stepson, Samson, over his role in Matty Barton's prison ordeal.

Samson recently fell into trouble after nasty teen Josh Cope entered the village, with the pair getting into a spot of bother as they attempted to rob The Hide.

The plan ended in disaster after they threatened Matty, with Samson accidentally being stabbed after Josh pushed him into a knife Matty was holding.

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The pair have attempted to cover their tracks by saying Matty inflicted the wounds on purpose, but Lydia has grown to become suspicious of her stepson after Moira Barton pointed out inconsistencies in his behaviour.

"There is an inkling [of distrust], because it doesn't sound like something Matty would do," Blick remarked to Inside Soap. "But the evidence is there in front of her - Samson's been stabbed, so clearly something has gone on.

"When your kids tell you something, you want to believe it. Lydia always wants to see the best in people."

She added that when she sees Samson being questioned by Cain, "there's just something in Samson's reaction, a hesitation, that Lydia notices...

"Then she meets Moira in the village to have a chat, and Moira is begging her, basically saying, 'Look, I've already lost one child, please don't let me lose another.' That really tugs at Lydia's heartstrings, and she needs to find out the truth."

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Blick, who joined the ITV soap in 2016, continued by detailing Lydia's actions, saying: "Lydia starts to investigate, and that creates quite a rift between (her and Samson's dad, Sam). Sam just wants to leave it - Samson's told them what's happened - he's being a bit of an ostrich.

"And there are more ripples and consequences to come. The situation isn't as cut and dried as Lydia first thinks...

"Lydia has such a strong moral compass, yet further down the line she actually gets embroiled in more secrets than perhaps she would like to be!"

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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