Emmerdale star explains character's exit from the village

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Chris Bisson has explained his Emmerdale character Jai Sharma's shocking decision to force father Amit out of the village.

Friday's (March 29) episode saw Jai take drastic action after making Amit admit that he'd killed Rishi Sharma to get his hands on a family inheritance.

In a series of tense scenes, Jai vindictively made Amit cut his son Suni Sharma out of the ownership of the HOP and then leave the village without saying goodbye to Suni. This was Jai's ultimate revenge for Amit betraying his brother.

Jai warned Amit that he could never return to the village, or the truth would come out about what he'd done to Rishi.

amit and jai sharma in emmerdale

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In response to these harrowing scenes, cast member Chris Bisson has hinted that viewers may see more of Jai's dark side resurfacing.

"Jai has finally discovered the truth about Amit and I think this has brought out the dark side in him," he explained. "He's previously tried to suppress all his feelings and he listened to Laurel and Suni who said there was nothing to see here. That Jai should move on and accept the death of his father and take Amit into his family. Well, that has proved to be untrue."

The actor went on: "Amit is the villain that we suspected or that Jai suspected he was. Amit has been very devious and the pain that Jai suffered over the last eight months or so since Rishi's death has now exploded. It is like a big fireball inside him and it's all coming out in one go."

The confrontation culminated with Jai getting Amit's shares in the HOP, which he saw as his "rightful inheritance".

jai sharma in emmerdale

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"The fact that Rishi is no longer with him, means that Jai feels like he needs to avenge his death in some way. And hurt Amit in some way," he said. "Jai is not a murderer deep down but I think he has been pushed to his limit here. But he has let Amit away with his life."

The Emmerdale star then teased: "[This] has changed something inside him and going forward the way he views life and people and relationships may well be affected. Certainly the way he treats business will probably be affected too.

"I think he is going to become a bit more ruthless. He feels he has been taken for a bit of a fool and he feels like that is never going to happen again. So yes maybe Bad Jai is back! And do you know what – I quite like bad Jai. He's fun to play! But he's not all bad though, he's a good dad and he has some redeeming qualities, but we have seen him go down this path before – so who knows what lies ahead?"

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