Emmerdale star Will Ash addresses Caleb and Tracy affair outcome

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Will Ash has spoken about the ending of Caleb Miligan and Tracy Robinson's affair storyline.

The two characters started sleeping together last year, which partly influenced Tracy's decision to end her relationship with her husband Nate.

Although Tracy fell for Caleb, she was left out in the cold when the businessman's estranged wife Ruby arrived in the village and the married couple reunited.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other press about whether Caleb and Tracy are really over for good, Will commented: "I think so, yeah. Caleb did fall for Tracy and that was a big thing. It wasn't just a fling, something genuinely happened there.

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"Even though it's hard to judge with Caleb because I think he's got a problem, after being abandoned as a kid, trying to form emotional ties like that, but I think he did fall for Tracy.

"For Caleb and Ruby, as a conflict, I think that will always be percolating in some way. It would be nice if that would be revisited again, just for us to play."

Caleb and Ruby have had a turbulent relationship over the past few months, with Ruby often questioning Caleb's commitment to her. She was pleased when Caleb ultimately proved his loyalty by backing her over his half-brother Cain during a row.

More recently, Caleb and Ruby have had much bigger issues to worry about, as their son Nicky is in a serious condition in hospital following a car accident.

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Will continued: "I enjoy working with Beth [Cordingly, who plays Ruby] a lot. They've written really well for us, I think, so there's loads of levels to it and loads of layers to peel back.

"It's quite a complicated relationship. They've been through a lot in the past, I think, which is good for us because we can mine that all the time. It's been really good fun, we've had some great stories so far.

"Nicky's car accident will definitely bring Caleb and Ruby closer together. I think we've seen a lot of the tempestuous side of the relationship and hopefully you'll see more of why they are together and why it works for them.

"You do see a little bit of that – that co-dependency where Caleb never had a family and Ruby has abandoned her family to be with him.

"I think we're starting to see Caleb recognise how much Ruby means to him and he's acknowledging how much she gave up for him. He's starting to hopefully mature a little bit rather than be as selfish and as egotistical."

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