Emmerdale confirms full details of Tom, Belle, Marlon and Rhona's special episode

belle dingle, tom king, emmerdale
Emmerdale's full details of Tom/Belle specialITV

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has shared more details of a special episode focusing on Tom, Belle, Marlon and Rhona.

The two couples take centre stage next week as they meet up for a dinner party which descends into chaos.

Show bosses have revealed that tensions rise, secrets are revealed and relationships are shattered as the evening progresses.

Emmerdale steps away from its usual style by showing two different perspectives of the same dinner party.

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This helps to explore the ongoing conflicts and problems in both relationships – and how what you see in public isn't necessarily what's really going on behind closed doors.

In the first half of the episode, Marlon and Rhona attend the dinner party but they struggle to move on from their recent rows over Gus Malcolms' court case.

Marlon is struggling to forgive Rhona for her decision to turn against Gus in court, which influenced the judge's decision to give him a long jail sentence for fraud.

A row between the couple escalates as they decide to air their issues publicly. The situation gets so bad that Rhona seemingly ends their marriage in front of their friends.

rhona goskirk, marlon dingle, mandy dingle, paddy kirk, emmerdale
tom king, rhona goskirk, emmerdale
rhona goskirk, marlon dingle, mandy dingle, paddy kirk, tom king, belle king, emmerdale

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Meanwhile, Tom's disturbing abuse of Belle has been growing for several weeks. While the troubling nature of their relationship is obvious to Emmerdale viewers, they outwardly seem like a happy couple to their oblivious guests during the meal.

The second half of the episode rewinds to the start of the dinner party, allowing the audience to see the day from Tom and Belle's point of view.

With the King couple hosting the evening, Tom cruelly puts unreasonable pressure on Belle to make the dinner party a big success.

When things start to go wrong, viewers will be given a further insight into the terrifying reality of Belle's life with Tom once they're left alone.

belle dingle, tom king, emmerdale
belle dingle, tom king, emmerdale
belle king, tom king, emmerdale

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The episode has been directed by award-winning Duncan Foster, who has previously taken charge of other memorable Emmerdale editions including the Hotten Bypass crash in 2016.

Emmerdale's producer Laura Shaw commented: "The dinner party episode puts a sharp lens on the relationships of the gathered people and gives the audience a unique view into their lives.

"Stepping away from the usual Emmerdale format, it offers our viewers the chance to see how some relationships like Rhona and Marlon's can very publicly unravel and fall apart, whereas other relationships, like Tom and Belle's, can present in public as perfect and behind closed doors tell a very different, much darker story."

Emmerdale airs the special episode on Tuesday, May 7.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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