Emmerdale confirms Ethan's fate after his arrest

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has revealed the fate of Ethan Anderson following his arrest.

Tuesday's (May 14) episode saw Ethan released on bail, as the police didn't yet have enough to charge him for abandoning Nicky at the crash site.

Back in the village, Claudette was irate to learn that Charles hadn't come to her over Ethan's demand for a false alibi. As viewers know, Charles was the one to report his son to the police.

"He needed to accept what he did was wrong," Charles insisted.

emmerdale's charles speaks with manpreet

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Charles and Manpreet had a very awkward encounter with Nicky's parents, Caleb and Ruby, in the café later in the day. Caleb angrily hit out at the vicar for Ethan leaving Nicky "for dead".

"Your son is a coward," Caleb told Charles.

Caleb backed off once he found out it was Charles who'd turned in Ethan, though he claimed the vicar's gesture "changes nothing".

"Ethan is going to pay for what he did," Caleb vowed.

At the police precinct, Ethan's lawyer reminded the investigator they'd been holding him for nearly 24 hours, so Ethan was released pending further investigation.

ethan questioned in emmerdale

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Ethan immediately went into hiding following his release. Claudette shared the news with Charles and Manpreet that Ethan's solicitor had got him released on bail temporarily.

Charles wanted to go assure Ethan that they could face everything as a family, only for Claudette to demand that she handle all communication with her grandson.

"Maybe you're right," Charles conceded.

The vicar subsequently told Manpreet that he was determined to "put things right" between himself and Ethan before he loses his son for good.

ethan questioned in emmerdale

Viewers ultimately saw Charles trying to phone Ethan, only for his son to reject the call.

Ethan's decision to hide out is leading to a massive storyline for Emmerdale's 10,000th episode next week, where the lawyer will be left for dead in a whodunit storyline.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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