Emmerdale confirms danger for Ethan as crash secret is revealed

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has hinted at Ethan Anderson facing danger for his car crash secret.

Shocking scenes aired earlier this week when Ethan was involved in a serious car accident with Nicky in the passenger seat.

While Ethan did manage to pull an unconscious Nicky from the mangled car, he fled the scene once he saw Moira Dingle approaching, since he suspected he was over the legal alcohol limit.

In Friday's (May 10) episode, Ethan was desperate to hide any involvement in the crash, though he put himself in a vulnerable position by visiting Nicky at the hospital.

At the same time, Caleb and Ruby were at their son's bedside where they were told emergency surgery had stopped the bleeding in Nicky's brain, but he'd been put in an induced coma to allow his brain to heal.

nicky in emmerdale

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"We keep steady and we stay positive," Caleb assured a heartbroken Ruby.

The couple were soon horrified to learn that Nicky's blood tests had come back with "high levels of alcohol", leaving them concerned he'd been driving while drunk.

Ruby turned her heartbreak into anger, accusing Caleb of goading Nicky into doing something so foolish because their son idolised his father.

"He is so desperate for a crumb of approval from his big, bad dad and all you ever do is criticise," Ruby accused. "You belittle him."

Back in the village, Ethan tried to play it cool when he found out from Suni that Nicky had been placed in an induced coma. He soon reluctantly agreed to go with Suni to visit Nicky.

When Ruby and Caleb arrived back at the hospital after a break, they tried telling a police officer that Nicky wouldn't have been driving drunk.

ruby in emmerdale

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They were even more stunned as the cop explained that Nicky couldn't have been behind the wheel because he had bruising consistent with a passenger-side placement.

Caleb and Ruby suddenly realised that the person behind the wheel must have fled after the accident without calling for help.

"Whoever it was left him for dead – who would do that?" a stunned Ruby asked.

Caleb then warned: "I dunno, but when I find them, they're gonna wish that they died in the accident."

A few metres away, a very nervous Ethan had been watching the entire conversation and could barely contain his nervousness.

ethan in emmerdale

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