Emmerdale confirms Angelica King's sentencing date

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has confirmed Angelica King's sentencing date following Heath Hope's death.

In recent weeks, Angelica was arrested on suspicion of death by dangerous driving after she confessed to police that she was behind the wheel on New Year's Eve when Heath was killed in a crash.

In Wednesday's (February 21) episode, Nicola and Jimmy decided they were going to have a technology-free family day with Angelica and the other kids.

Nicola suggested the family go to a local Dua Lipa concert, even though they didn't have tickets. She tried to use her political connections to get the family in, but was turned away.

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An angry Nicola had to break the news to her family that, not only were they not getting in to see Dua Lipa, Nicola had also been thrown off the premises for "abusive behaviour".

The family could hear the music from the car park, so Nicola tried to make things up to Angel with a silly dance. Angel soon joined in, with Jimmy enjoying seeing his family happy.

Unfortunately, the Kings weren't in a good mood for long, as they'd received important information while they'd left their phones behind for the day.

A look of terror and panic was etched on Nicola's face as she told Jimmy she'd had a message from the court.

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"They've set a date for Angelica's sentencing hearing. It's the 13th of March," Nicola revealed to her husband.

Jimmy wanted to tell Angelica straight away, but Nicola begged him to wait until tomorrow so she could enjoy the fun of their excursion for just a bit longer.

"I thought we'd have more time," Nicola admitted.

Will the Kings tell Angel the truth?

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