Emmerdale airs sad death in Ella storyline – but there's a twist

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has aired a sad death in Ella Forster's ongoing storyline, with an added twist.

Ella has remained secretive about her past since arriving in the village in January. Things seemed to have changed after she moved in with her boyfriend Liam Cavanagh, as she appeared to open up to him.

However, Ella's secrets started to catch up with her in last night's (May 23) hour-long episode. Manpreet Sharma saw her visiting an elderly care home resident named June — who she assumed was Ella's mother.

A tearful Ella later threatened to leave the Dales if Manpreet told anyone about June.

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Tonight's episode saw Ella visit June at the care home again, only to find her room empty.

She heads to the front desk to enquire about June's whereabouts, where the receptionist informs her that June unexpectedly passed away the night before.

"She was fine yesterday. More than fine," said a shocked Ella after learning the sad news.

"We don't know for sure, but it looks like she had a heart attack. It was very quick, she didn't suffer," confirmed the receptionist, with Ella tearfully replying: "No she can't have. She can't be gone."

a woman holding flowers

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Despite Manpreet's previous assumptions, it is later revealed that June isn't related to Ella at all.

As Ella looks over old photos of June in her room, she is asked to leave the care home, as only family members are allowed to sort through residents' possessions.

"It's only the relatives that are permitted to deal with the possessions of the deceased. There's a chapel down the hall if you'd like some time to reflect," said the care home worker, before an upset Ella reluctantly leaves the room.

How does Ella really know June, and what is she hiding?

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