Emmerdale airs another violent scene in Tom and Belle story

The following article references physical and emotional abuse.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Tom King has once again turned violent with his wife Belle in Emmerdale.

This week's episodes have seen Tom manipulating Belle into turning against her own family for meddling in their plans to have a baby.

Tom has been mentally and physically abusive to Belle in the past, having most recently burned her hand with hot water when he discovered she'd been taking birth control.

In Thursday's (May 16) hour-long episode, Tom continued secretly monitoring Belle's life, this time using the puppy camera to spy on her conversation with Mandy and Lydia.

belle in emmerdale

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Belle's family members were teasing her about Tom, unaware he was listening to every word. Tom stormed back home but played nice with Mandy and Lydia as a way to get them to leave.

Once alone with his wife, Tom viciously turned against Belle for 'allowing' her family to poke fun at him. Belle replied by reminding Tom of the ways he'd been controlling and intimidating recently.

She approached Tom to suggest he needed help, only for him to spin around and brutally punch her in the stomach. As an injured Belle clutched her bruised stomach, Tom tried to apologise.

"I am so, so sorry," Tom told her.

He then turned everything around on Belle, suggesting it was her fault for gossiping with Mandy behind his back. Tom ordered Belle to forgive him, but she rushed away as he tried to grab her.

She retreated to the loo, where Tom threatened to kick down the door unless she accepted his apology. When Belle finally consented to coming downstairs, she asked Tom to leave.

"Either you go, or I will," Belle insisted. "I'll call Cain [if you don't leave], I'll do it!"

Tom instantly backed off with the threat of Cain getting involved, promising that he'd give Belle "space" as he hurried out the door.

Sam and Lydia later came round to bring the couple some food, but were alarmed as no-one was answering the door.

"There's a beef stew out here driving Piper crazy," Sam joked.

belle in emmerdale

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The camera then panned inside the house to reveal Belle, in tears, sitting against the door with Piper on her lap.

"It sounds like there's someone in there," a confused Sam told Lydia.

The pair decided to leave the food on Tom and Belle's mat, before setting off back to Wishing Well Cottage. The episode ended with tears streaming down Belle's face inside the house.

This storyline is set to get even more troubling when Tom starts trying to convince others in the village that Belle is the one who's been violent towards him.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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If you've been affected by any of the issues raised in this story, organisations including Refuge (www.refuge.org.uk), New Beginnings Peer Support (www.newbeginningspeersupport.com) and Women's Aid (www.womensaid.org.uk) can provide further support and information. The 24-hour, freephone National Domestic Abuse Helpline is 0808 2000 247. The US National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), or text LOVEIS to 22522.

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