Emma Stone Shared Why It's So Important To Have Intimacy Coordinators On Set After Working With One On The Movie "Poor Things"

🚨This post contains MASSIVE spoilers for the movie Poor Things🚨

You know Emma Stone, and I'm sure you love her.

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Because, literally, how could you not?

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This awards season Emma has received a ton of praise for her breathtaking performance as Bella Baxter in the film Poor Things. She's already won a Golden Globe for her performance and is nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards for the role.

Emma Stone in "Poor Things"

Throughout the movie, Bella learns a lot about her own body by embracing her sexuality, and so Emma recently opened up to NPR about working with Elle McAlpine, the film's intimacy coordinator.

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"I don't think having an intimacy coordinator is even a choice anymore," she said. "I think in the past five years, the industry has changed a lot for the better."

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"Having [Elle] there felt like having both a safety net and a choreographer and a handhold," she continued. "She and I would text after a day of doing some of these scenes and just sort of say how we were feeling and what was going on. And it was just this really beautiful relationship that I found extremely, extremely meaningful."

Bella in a dance room in a scene from "Poor Things"
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Some actors have spoken about their hesitancy to work with one, out of fear of awkwardness or ruining the "spontaneity" of those scenes. However, Emma explained that even though "there's no real sex happening," that's all the more reason to have someone there to facilitate these scenes.

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She explained, "I remember reading something once, that an actor on stage doing a very dramatic scene, and having meltdowns and doing monologues for 90 minutes a night just in theater, your body feels like it's the equivalent of going through something like a car crash, because your heart is racing, you're having these big physical reactions to these emotions that you're kind of asking yourself to go through."

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"And I think even when you know you're acting, when you know none of this is real, there's no real sex happening, this is all sometimes underestimate what your body is going through separately," she concluded.

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Emma just joins the growing list of celebrities who've really appreciated the work that intimacy coordinators can do.

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