Emma Husar's bullying allegations


July 19 - BuzzFeed reveals Labor MP Emma Husar is under investigation for bullying and harassment, including having staffers walk her dog and pick up its faeces

July 20 - Labor leader Bill Shorten says he didn't know about the investigation led by lawyer John Whelan

July 24 - Husar goes on personal leave

July 25 - It is revealed Husar took a taxpayer-funded limousine to visit her divorce lawyer, while government ministers call on Labor to sack her if the bullying allegations are proven true

July 26 - Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese says he knew about the investigation for several weeks before it became public

July 27 - A former volunteer in Husar's office goes public to claim he was hospitalised after the bullying he received in her office

August 1 - Husar asks the parliamentary expenses watchdog to investigate her expenses after it was revealed taxpayers paid for her flight to Brisbane, where she saw a Bruno Mars concert

August 2 - Allegations from the Whelan investigation are revealed, including that she exposed herself to another Labor MP, sexually harassed staff members, employed a nanny in a taxpayer-funded role, and diverted Labor funds to her own bank account. Husar says the allegations are "absolute lies".