Elevate your wardrobe with the best black belts of 2022

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If there’s one thing for sure, a quality black belt can do more than prevent your pants from falling down. It is a style statement that can turn even the most typical of daily wear to a total #OutfitOfTheDay moment!

A black belt is a staple in any wardrobe. A quintessential accessory that works with a huge range of outfits, having a collection of various black belts ensures you’ll have one for just about any occasion.

However, choosing the right black belt to add to your collection is not easy. With the market being so vast – and with there being so many competitors – it’s easy to fall into the trap of trading a cheaper price point for an (unintentionally) less than satisfactory quality grade.

To help you out, we’ve compiled this post reviewing the top-rated black belts in 2022.

Top Picks

Editor’s choice: Marino’s Men Genuine Leather Dress Belt

This black leather belt from Marino Avenue Store is one high-quality product.

Sourced from 100% genuine leather with expert craftsmanship, the belt is durably constructed for enhanced endurance that can withstand daily wear.

With a zinc alloy buckle ensuring quality rust resistance and superior strength, the belt is suitable for casual, formal and everyday wear.

A good thing about this black belt is its washability. You can hand-wash it with mild detergent whenever it appears dirty. Marino also backs it up with a swift return policy, so if you are dissatisfied with any aspect you can return it without worry.


  • High-quality material

  • Durable and sturdy buckle


  • Sizes run a bit large

  • Color can rub off

Giftable: HIMI Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

The HIMI Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt is an affordable option for anyone looking to purchase a budget-friendly leather belt.

Featuring a sleek, minimalistic design that gives your attire a modern appearance – the belt itself measures 51 inches and comes with a removable buckle.

Replacing the traditional belt hole with a simple open and close buckle, users can rest assured knowing they can cut the strap for a more customized fit. At full length, this belt can fit suit pant sizes from 28 to 44 inches.

Unlike many others, the HIMI black belt features a subdued black buckle that elevates its appeal. Constructed from durable alloy material, it comes neatly packed inside a gift box – making it a suitable gift for your friends and family!


  • Adjustable length

  • Sleek and modern

  • Comes inside a gift box


  • Buckle loses grip after some time

  • The finish on the buckle chips easily

Reversible design: Steve Madden Men's Leather Belt

If you are confused between choosing a black or brown belt, the Steve Madden Men's Leather Belt has your back.

It features a reversible design, with one side working as a black belt while the other is brown.

The unique dual functionality makes it suitable for a variety of attires from dress pants to casual slacks. This belt boasts bonded leather construction that is smooth to touch and comfortable to wear. You can wear it for an entire day without feeling discomfort or irritation.

Constructed with a pin and loop buckle that flips to suit your styling needs, it also has a slight sheen.


  • Reversible design makes it versatile

  • Suitable for a variety outfits

  • Practical and fashionable


  • Sizes run small

  • Buckle is fixed

Most durable: Chaoren Ratchet Belt

With its adjustable design and customized fit, Chaoren’s ratchet belt features a removable buckle that fits just over a 100% leather strap.

With its secure lock design, the buckle was sourced from high-density material – making it light yet extremely scratch-resistant

Available in five different sizes, you can cut the belt according to your fit. The strap features textured appearance making for a highly refined look.

Another plus? In addition to it coming with an impressive luxury gift box that fits the strap, you can rest assured knowing Chaoren also offers free exchange and returns any time.


  • Durable design

  • Automatic locking buckle

  • Comes in luxury packing


  • Becomes undone unexpectedly

  • Needs trimming

Stylish finish: Timberland Men's Classic Jean Belt

Timberland is a trusted name in the leather market, and their Men's Classic Jean Belt truly lives up to the brand name.

Featuring a 100% genuine leather strap with an antique finish, while advertised as a casual jean belt the simple and classic design also works as a work or formal dress belt. The heavy-duty construction makes it loll great and last longer.

The belt measures 1.25 inches in width. The full-grain leather material is not only smooth to touch but also boasts a nice and rich color. Featuring a classy, gunmetal buckle that compliments both casual and formal looks it is an ideal choice for everyday wear and dressy occasions.

The non-bonded leather strap is fairly thick and features fine stitching.


  • Construction increases sturdiness

  • Quality sourced materials


  • Stretches over time

  • Ends can be rough

How to find a quality black belt: a buying guide

How to choose a good black belt?

When it comes to buying a black belt, you shouldn’t purchase one randomly. Here are a few things to consider while comparing the various options:

Material and durability

Black belts are categorized into different types according to the material used in their construction. The most popular, of course, are leather belts because of their all-around quality. Suede, canvas and webbed belts are also considerable choices for making a fashion statement.

Besides the appearance, the material of the belt determines its durability. A high-quality, genuine leather belt is certainly more durable than its faux counterpart.

You should choose the material according to the outfits you want to pair it with. A leather belt goes well with both casual and formal attires. Meanwhile, a woven or canvas belt tends to look best when paired with casual outfits.


The size of the belt is another important factor to be conscious of. As with any belt, the final look is only as perfect as the fit. So while a belt should be larger than your actual waist size, it should not extend too far.

The best way to get an accurate size is to try on different lengths and get the most suitable one. You can also measure your waist size and add a few inches to it for the right fit.


The height of the belt is also an integral part of your decision. Skinny belts are quite difficult to style, while wider styles can land as comical.

The height from one to one and a half inches is a modest choice for both formal and casual dressing. This height accentuates your figure and works with almost every pant style.

How should I style my black belt?

A belt can make or break your entire outfit. In this section we have rounded up some tips from expert stylists on how to wear a black belt:

  • Coordinate your belt with your shoes Either wear both items in black or choose a black belt with a style that’s similar to your shoes.

  • Always choose a high-quality black leather belt. The lived-in wear and tear you observe in an original leather belt is superior to any faux-distressed leather belt .

  • If you want your belt to stand out, choose the shoes that blend with your outfit. And if you want the shoes to make a statement, choose a simple and subdued belt. Letting both take the front stage can lead to a fashion disaster.

  • A black belt is great for styling monochromatic looks, but you can also create contrast with different shaded designs.

Popular belt styles to know about

While black belts are extremely versatile, you should know that a dress belt never looks great over a pair of stonewashed jeans. That’s why it is important to have a small selection of black belts at your disposal to suit every occasion.

Here are some popular types to own:

Leather belt 

Arguably the best of all, a high-quality black leather belt is a must for every person. When bought right and carefully cared for, a leather belt can last you a lifetime without needing replacement.

A slim and plain variation works best with formal ensembles. But if you want to wear one casually, go for a slightly wider style.

Woven belt 

A woven black belt is a preppy option to have in your belt collection. You can choose between leather and cotton variations to add a touch of smartness to your outfit.

These belts are extremely comfortable as the woven structure stretches as you move or sit. While they might not work for your formal looks, you can pair one with soft tailoring or a pair of shorts and polo.

Suede belt 

While it may not appear as dressy as a formal leather belt, a suede belt is a surefire way to add a bit of texture to an outfit. Since the material takes the dye well, it looks great in a deep shade.

The suede belt is suitable for smart-casual settings. You can wear one on evenings out or date nights for a smart yet relaxed appearance.

Webbed belt

After gaining immense popularity back in the 2000s, webbed belts have made a comeback. And no one’s complaining because of their simple, practical look.

They feature a pin and loop, or an open and close buckle design. Regardless, these belts are a sensible choice for casual wearing. A black one, especially, works great as an everyday belt.


A black belt is a staple in every men’s wardrobe. You can put together amazing ensembles by incorporating this accessory into your various outfits. It looks great with formal suits as well as with a casual pair of jeans.

In the sections above, we discussed the best black belts in 2022. Our top picks include an option from every type so you can easily pick the one you need.

People also asked

Q: Is it okay to wear a black belt with blue jeans?

A: Absolutely! A black belt worn over blue jeans looks quite stylish, especially if it is lighter wash denim. If you’re unsure if this look is the right choice for you, consider browsing Instagram for inspiration from lifestyle and fashion influencers.

If you’re still stuck, consider creating a look in-person at your local clothing store. Even if you don’t plan on buying the jeans or belt, doing this can give you a general idea of how different washes of jeans look on you.

Q: Is a leather black belt better than a woven one?

A: While it really depends upon the occasion you are dressing for, we believe women and men should own at least one leather and one woven black belt. The leather one is a versatile all-rounder, whereas the woven one is great for when you are aiming for a more laid-back look.

Another benefit to owning multiple belts is versatility. Instead of buying another belt before your big event or meeting, you will have extra belts on hand – making your outfit 25% complete!

Q: Why are black belts so popular?

A: Black belts are so popular because of their versatility. Whether you are dressing formally or for a casual day out, a good black belt can really help you feel put together while avoiding being an attention stealer.

Q: Are black belts seasonal?

A: Not at all! The cool thing about black belts is how they can be worn year-round. Whether you’re looking to pair them with a chunky sweater or high-waisted shorts, the styling options are relatively limitless when it comes to styling.

Q: Is it ok to wear a black belt with brown shoes?

A: Generally speaking, styling your outfit is up to you. However, if you’re looking to promote consistency, then it may be best to pair earthy-toned pants and tops under the same color palette.

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