Elevate Philly Cheesesteaks With An Easy Korean Twist

philly cheesesteak sandwich
philly cheesesteak sandwich - Charles Brutlag/Shutterstock

When you're in the mood for a juicy sandwich, a Philly cheesesteak is exactly the cheesy, beef-filled meal you need to satisfy your hunger. Sliced and griddled steak, packed with caramelized onions, peppers, and melted cheese? Yes, please! If you're ready for a break with tradition that amps up the flavor, we've got a delicious twist to put on that bun that's easy to do, too. Sub that plain sliced steak for Korean marinated bulgogi beef! You can add more layers of Korean flavor, too, for your own unique signature version of this classic.

Bulgogi is thinly sliced steak marinated in a combination of soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, and aromatic flavors like ginger and garlic. It's often served with rice and Korean side dishes like kimchi and a large pile of leaf lettuce for a flavorful meal. The umami-rich soy marinade adds deep flavor to the steak that compliments the traditional onions and peppers, and mixes with the melted cheese so perfectly. The aroma of bulgogi is mouthwatering, and its juicy, tender texture is exactly right for a sandwich, too! We think it's the best stand-in for the thin slices of steak in a cheesesteak.

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Perfecting Your Sandwich

philly cheesesteak with bulgogi
philly cheesesteak with bulgogi - Igor Dutina/Shutterstock

If you're considering this flavor swap, look no further than your cabinet for the marinade ingredients, they are probably at hand and ready with just a quick whisk together. We'd recommend slicing the steak before adding the marinade so the flavor penetrates quickly. You can also find ready-to-cook bulgogi at Korean markets, all ready to cook to perfection! While you're at the market, you could also pick up a container of kimchi to spice up the sandwich or munch on the side. Other side dish items that would be great on the sandwich are sesame bean sprouts or yellow pickled radish if you want a less spicy option.

Another flavor upgrade we love is gochujang. Gochujang is a super flavorful fermented chili paste that comes in mild and spicy versions; you can choose your adventure. Mix equal parts of mayonnaise and gochujang for a great addition to spread on your sandwich. Try shaking up your cheesesteak with these ingredient swaps, we know you'll love these flavors!

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