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Elevate Boxed Cake Mix By Swapping The Water For Chocolate Milk

Mug of chocolate milk next to glass
Mug of chocolate milk next to glass - -lvinst-/Getty Images

Boxed mix is an inexpensive way to create a homemade cake for any occasion, and it's much simpler to make than a from-scratch recipe. But, if you want to elevate your chocolate boxed cake mix, there's an easy trick to do so: Just swap the required amount of water with chocolate milk. Milk is thicker and creamier than water and will create a batter that's more moist and has a delectable chocolatey taste.

Cake mixes were first sold in 1929, developed out of worry from flour manufacturers who realized people were not baking at home as much and noticed a market surplus of molasses (the first mixes were actually spice cakes!). The idea was to entice home bakers by creating an easy kit that simplified the process while providing the perfect combination of pre-measured ingredients.

Still, there's always room for improvement or, in this case, room to make any store-bought cake mix taste like your own secret recipe. But the type of chocolate milk you add matters, and you'll want to read the labels to find milk that isn't full of other ingredients and won't make your cake batter too thin.

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Best Chocolate Milk Options For Baking

different slices of cake in a circle
different slices of cake in a circle - Alexey Andr Tkachenko/Shutterstock

If you want to use the chocolate milk swap, it's important to know that not all types are created equal, and choosing the right milk will yield the best results. Avoid any skim options for baking purposes. Because fat is removed from skim milk, it's thinner than other options, and you'll want that fat content for your cake mix. In addition to checking the label to ensure it's full-fat, you'll also want to look out for (and avoid) a lot of added sugars and other chemicals that will alter the final baked good.

The best idea is to opt for whole milk with no additives or chemicals to ensure thickness. Consider purchasing milk from a local farm, as these tend to be fresher. The idea is to find full-fat chocolate milk with tons of flavor to boost that chocolatey goodness. You could also opt to make homemade chocolate milk!

More Boxed Cake Mix Hacks

chocolate cake ingredients
chocolate cake ingredients - Fcafotodigital/Getty Images

Depending on the type of cake mix you purchase, there are several ways to add unique flavor combinations and kick your final product up a notch. The internet and social media are full of ways to spice up any boxed cake mix. Some of the best ways to add a unique spin are to add coffee, mix in one extra egg, replace oil with melted butter, add some natural vanilla and salt, and toss a handful of chopped chocolate, candies, or chocolate chips into the batter.

A basic rule for changing any cake recipe is to keep the swaps the same — liquid should swap liquid, and fats should swap other fats. Cakes can become a big mess if you try to switch a solid for a liquid or skip one ingredient altogether. Start small by switching chocolate chips for nuts or adding more spices to a recipe. When it comes to replacing sugar or other main ingredients, slowly reduce the suggested amounts and see the result before replacing an element altogether. You can make your own recipe by substituting, but it might take some trial and error!

Another key to elevating a boxed mix is what goes on top of the cake — for this, it's ideal to make buttercream frosting and spend time on the décor by piping your buttercream or adding small sugar decorations to make your cake look like it's straight from the bakery.

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