Elderly Qld man fights off thugs with pole

David Sigston

An elderly cancer sufferer has used a wooden pole to fight off two young thugs who threatened to bash and kill him while he was walking his dog in Townsville.

Ken Page, 71, says he was walking his dog around 5am on Friday when the teens confronted him, telling him they hated dogs and were going to kill him.

"I thought this is not going to end well. He comes bouncing back and I've got the dog waddy (pole) in my hand, he kept coming and ... the other bloke was getting off his bike, so I just went 'whoosha' with the waddy on his neck," Mr Page has told The Townsville Bulletin.

"The other bloke started to get off his bike and I told him to get on his bike and go the f*** home or do you want a bit of this too," Mr Page said.

Police say no charges have been laid over the incident.

"I didn't go looking for a blue at my age ... I've got an arm that doesn't work anymore, plates in my wrist, I'm 71 and I've got cancer bad, what am I supposed to do?" Mr Page asked.