Elderly NSW man falls 10m out of tree

Perry Duffin
Elderly NSW man falls 10m out of tree

An elderly NSW man has been airlifted to hospital with a head injury after falling 10 metres from a tree while picking nuts in the Hunter Valley.

The 82-year-old was picking pecan nuts from a tree in his backyard in Cessnock when he fell from a height of about 10 metres and landed in his neighbour's backyard on Friday morning.

Neighbour Joe Tonon, who has first aid training, rushed to see if the man was OK.

"His wife was hanging over the fence, quite distraught," Mr Tonon told AAP.

"We weren't certain if he'd hit the fence on the way down.

"He landed on grass and dirt. But five metres to the right he would have taken out a concrete patch and he would have known that."

Mr Tonon wrapped his neighbour in a blanket and tried to comfort him until ambulance crews arrived.

Ambulance NSW told AAP the man had sustained a head injury in the fall.

The 82-year-old was airlifted to John Hunter Hospital. His condition is not yet known.