Elderly man dragged off bus on his back for smoking

A video of a man smoking on a bus and being dragged off the bus on his back and onto the footpath has emerged online.

The video, shared to various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, appears to have been filmed in Russia.

An elderly man has been dragged from a bus after lighting up a cigarette on a bus. Source: Facebook.

The video shows an elderly man smoking a cigarette on a bus, when another man leans over the seat and pulls the man by the bag around his shoulder.

You can see the old man trying to cling on to the seat and resist being dragged from the bus.

As the camera pans you see the elderly man being dragged from the bus and onto the footpath.

At the end of the video you see the man lying on the pavement, seemingly upset.

While the video does not seem to have been filmed anywhere in Australia, many Australians voiced opinions when the video was shared to the Humans of Bankstown Facebook page.

While some found humour in the video, others did not find the video amusing at all.

“To everyone who laughed at this old man being dragged like an animal, I’m pretty sure if that was your grandpa you will be outraged and going crazy in the comments section,” one person wrote.

“That was a bit aggressive.. chuck the durry out not the old mate,” another person said. “He prob [sic] has memory loss and forgot he can’t.”

Many people online have suggested maybe the man suffers from dementia, which has not been confirmed.

Smoking is not permitted on buses in Australia and is even prohibited at most public transport stations.

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