'Shouldn't be driving': Elderly couple's shocking decision after Bunnings car park crash

An elderly couple’s shocking decision after a woman hit a car in a Bunnings car park has been caught on video.

The dashboard camera footage was shared to Dash Cam Owners Australia and was captured at the hardware giant’s Parafield store in South Australia.

The video was taken on Monday just before 7.15pm (local time).

At the start of the video, the couple is seen pulling up in the car park before an elderly man gets out of the front passengers seat of the Holden.

Dashcam footage shows a Holden reversing into another vehicle in a Bunnings car park. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

He then walks around, to get something out of the boot and as he walks to the front of the car, the driver starts to drive off.

As the driver, who is a woman, is reversing out of the spot, their car hits another vehicle fitted with a dash cam.

The woman’s car disappears out of the frame, but the man is seen in standing in the middle of the car park.

The driver then pulls in to another parking spot and the man walks over to the Holden, presumably to talk to the driver, and then walks over to the parked car which was just hit.

The man begins inspecting the vehicle as he approaches and waves his hand as if he was dismissing the damage.

He is seen touching the car as the female driver approaches, she gives the car a quick glance before the two walk off without providing their details.

Footage of the incident uploaded to Facebook was accompanied with the caption: “Some drivers just don’t care.”

The couple is seen looking at the car, which was hit before walking off, without leaving their details. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

“How thoughtful of them to give you and your insurance a clear view of their licence plate before driving off,” one person said sarcastically in response to the video.

“I’m all for the independence of seniors, but seriously, that lady shouldn’t be on the road, at all, period,” another person wrote.

Many people were confused as to why the driver decided to reverse out of the car spot.

“She could have just drove forward since there's no car in front of her vehicle,” a social media user said.

South Australia Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia, the incident was reported and they were investigating.

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