Bodies of elderly couple found side-by-side in building rubble

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A couple married for 58 years have been found dead side-by-side in their bed in the rubble of a Florida apartment complex.

Antonio Lozano, 82, and his wife Gladys, 79, are among the 12 confirmed dead after the Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida, collapsed in the early hours of last Thursday morning, CBS 4 reports.

Their son Sergio lives in the same building. He had dinner with them just hours before the building collapsed.

Antonio Lozano and his wife Gladys were going to celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary next month.
Antonio Lozano and his wife Gladys were going to celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary next month. Source: NBC Miami

He told CBS 4 as the building crumbled he thought it had been hit by a tornado.

Mr Lozano said he turned to his wife after opening the door to check what had happened and told her: “My parents’ apartment is not there” and “the building is gone”.

“I was told they were in bed together. That’s the end of the romantic story,” he said.

They were meant to celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary next month. Mr Lozano said from his apartment he often had a clear view of them and would watch his mum cook dinner and see his dad watching TV of an evening.

Their deaths are among several tragic stories emerging from the building.

The couple are among 12 people confirmed dead in the collapse. Just under 150 others remain missing. Source: AP/CBS Miami

Resident dies after losing wife to cancer, parents to Covid

Harry Rosenberg, 52, moved into the building after an awful year in which he lost his wife to cancer and both parents to Covid-19 in New York.

“He told me, ‘It is the next chapter of my life.’ He went through hell. His parents passed away. His wife passed away,” said Steve Eisenberg, who saw the 52-year-old asset manager last week at the synagogue.

Mr Rosenberg “came to Florida to breathe a little bit,” Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar, founder of the Shul of Bal Harbour, the synagogue he joined, said.

When the building tumbled to the ground, Mr Rosenberg’s daughter, Malky Weisz, 27, and her husband, Benny Weisz, 32, had just arrived for their visit on the second floor of Champlain Towers South. Almost 150 people are still unaccounted for.

A photo of Harry Rosenberg at the site of the Miami building collapse.
Harry Rosenberg has been missing since the building collapsed. His daughter, Malky Weisz, and her husband, Benny Weisz, had just arrived for a visit and are also missing. Source: AP

Described as a family man and observant Jew, Mr Rosenberg had launched a young adult center for mental healing at a hospital in Israel in memory of his late wife, Anna Rosenberg.

Before his wife died last summer of a brain tumour, he spent three years taking care of her, a close friend said.

“He put his life on hold,” Maurice Wachsmann, a friend of Rosenberg’s for more than 30 years, said.

Months after her death came more heartache. His father died of Covid-19 in January, and weeks later his mother died of the same.

“It was extremely difficult,” Mr Wachsmann said.

“He did everything for his parents. Family first, before everything.”

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