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Eisha is on the hunt for her first apartment back in NYC after 6 months abroad

On this episode of In The Know: Find My Dream Room, host Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) helps Eisha move back to New York City after living in Colombia for six months. Eisha is dreaming of a pet-friendly one-bedroom or studio in Queens with plenty of natural light for herself and her cat. Her budget is around $3,000. Can Will help Eisha find her dream apartment? Let’s find out!

Apartment number one, which Will calls “The Cozy Studio,” is a studio apartment with a monthly rent of $2,400. Though it’s a studio, the apartment is surprisingly spacious, and Will notes that it has a separate kitchen and space for up to two couches. Eisha is immediately impressed with the apartment, which is not only under budget, but features plenty of natural light. She is also a fan of the apartment’s dining nook, which Will notes can also be used as an office space, and loves the apartment’s truly unique fireplace!

Next up, Will shows Eisha “The Serene One-Bedroom,” which rents for $3,200 a month. Though the apartment is a little bit over budget, it more than makes up for its price with its high ceilings, brand new appliances, and overall spaciousness. Though Eisha isn’t enthusiastic about the apartment’s price, she is very impressed by the kitchen’s marble countertops, and notes that the kitchen island would be perfect for hosting guests.

Finally, Will gives Eisha a tour of “The Contemporary Studio,” which has a monthly rent of just $2,000 a month. Though the studio is much smaller than the other two apartments Will showed Eisha, it features a beautiful modern kitchen, and plenty of natural light. Like “The Serene One-Bedroom,” Eisha is impressed by the kitchen island. And, while the apartment is small, Will notes that Eisha can make the most of the space by buying a smaller bed or purchasing a Murphy bed.

Four weeks later, Eisha reveals that she decided to rent apartment number one! She and her cat are now making themselves at home in the cozy space, and are loving life in Queens! “I’m super happy with my decision,” Eisha says. “So thank you Will for helping us find our dream home.”

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