Eight-inch screwdriver removed from man's rectum

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A man who inserted a screwdriver up his anus nearly died from septic shock after leaving the tool inside his body for a week.

The 46-year-old pushed the 21 centimetre long, three centimetre wide item so far into his body that it impaled his large intestine, an Annals of Medicine and Surgery case report paper revealed.

He was admitted to Kendall Regional Medical Centre in Miami, in the US state of Florida, where a CT scan showed the screwdriver wedged inside his bottom.

Doctors said hardened faeces around the metal shank left them with no option but to remove it surgically through his abdominal cavity.

Internal scans showed the foreign object wedged inside the mans bottom. Source: Annals of Medicine and Surgery.

As well as perforating the large intestine, they found the object had also wedged itself into the man’s buttock muscle.

They had to re-direct his waste temporarily to a bag outside his body while he healed from his injuries.

The paper stated the man had a history with mental health issues, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and noncompliance with medications.

He was discharged into to behavioural healthcare, and returned for a check-up two weeks later.

The screwdriver shown in container after being removed from man. Source: Annals of Medicine and Surgery

Doctors found he was “doing well with a functioning colostomy” and he had a reversal planned for later in the year.

The peer-reviewed paper said the most common reason people inserted foreign objects into their anus was for sexual pleasure, but it wasn’t the only one.

“Other documented explanations include drug concealment, assault, ‘accidental’, psychiatric reasons, and to alleviate diarrhoea or constipation,” the paper said.

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