Mass shooting causes deaths in crime-ridden township on southern edge of Mexico City, officials say

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A mass shooting in a mountain township beset by crime just south of Mexico City resulted in several deaths, authorities said Sunday.

Local and state officials did not give a specific death toll, saying only that there were some deaths. But Mexican news media, including the national newspapers Reforma, Milenio and El Universal, reported that eight people were slain.

The government of the state of Morelos, which borders Mexico City, said the attack occurred late Saturday in Huitzilac.

The forested mountain township has been plagued by illegal loggers, kidnappers and drug gangs, in part because it provides the closest rural hideout near Mexico's capital.

The town’s mayor, Rafael Vargas, called the attack “a terrible violent act” and said that “several people” were killed.

“Right in the center of town, several people were attacked and killed,” Vargas said. Apparently aware of the town's rough reputation, he added: “The violence should stop. We will denounce all types of slander that seek to damage our people.”