'Eggs are laid on the bone': Man's vomit-inducing find in KFC chicken

A man claims he found fly eggs in his KFC after purchasing chicken through a restaurant’s drive-thru.

Tom Masterton, who lives in Auckland’s south, shared pictures of his find from a nearby KFC on Facebook. He claims he purchased the chicken on Sunday about 11.30am.

Mr Masterton told the New Zealand Herald he took the chicken home, ate a few pieces and pulled it apart when he noticed something strange.

The Auckland man told Newshub he found fly eggs under the chicken’s coating along with a dead fly in the container.

He told the NZ Herald he vomited before taking photos and sending them to KFC at 2.30pm. He left the chicken on his table before sharing pictures online claiming KFC never responded to his queries.

An Auckland man claims he found fly eggs in his KFC chicken. Source: Facebook/ Tom Masterton

“Ewwww … This is disgusting,” one woman wrote on Facebook. 

However, many have questioned whether his claims about finding the eggs straight away on bringing the chicken home are legitimate.

“There’s no way that chicken had eggs as a full piece, the eggs have just been laid, chicken piece would have to have been pulled open for them to be there,” one person wrote.

Another pointed out the “eggs are laid on the bone” and it would take a “Hulk fly” to tear through the chicken and lay the eggs.

Mr Masterton said it would be a “s***load of effort” to go through to get a free meal if he chose to lie.

However, KFC are also doubtful the Auckland man found the eggs inside the chicken right after buying it.

There’s been a suggestion the fly in this pic may have laid the eggs after the man arrived home to eat the chicken. Source: Facebook/ Tom Masterton

Geraldine Oldham, of Restaurant Brands NZ which represents KFC in New Zealand, told Yahoo7 in a statement it’s “very unlikely” the eggs were laid pre-purchase and could have only occurred after the product left the store.

“Our chicken is delivered fresh and cooked fresh every day,” Ms Oldham said.

“It is prepared by trained cooks and cooked according to correct process and served immediately from the sealed cabinet. All food at KFC is served at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees, as required under the Food Act 2014.

“Our strict food safety procedures in-store mean any contamination like this can only occur after the product leaves the store, particularly if it is left sitting un-refrigerated where flies and other contaminants can access it.

“We urge customers to cover and refrigerate food after leaving the store, particularly during the hot summer months.”

She also pointed out a dead fly in one of the pictures, suggesting the chicken was contaminated outside of the restaurant.

“The eggs are present within the cavity of the chicken and not on the surface of the skin, which again suggests it had been eaten and then been left uncovered,” Ms Oldham said.

“We are concerned that a lack of food safety knowledge can lead to customers making false claims about KFC’s food safety on social media, or putting themselves at risk by not correctly storing or covering food that they don’t eat immediately.

“We have asked the customer for proof of purchase, which he has said he’s not able to provide. We will also review our security footage as part of the investigation.”

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