Eerie last photo of missing woman with stolen kayak

A paddle has been found in the search for Michaela Leger, 29, however it is unknown if it belonged to her.

A police investigation continues for a missing woman after she was last spotted dragging a yellow kayak she allegedly stole out to sea.

A grainy image shows the last known movements of Michaela Leger, 29, after a member of the public took the shot while watching the New Zealand woman carry a paddle under her arm and walk alongside a dog before meeting the waters edge on Saturday, October 21.

A grainy photo shows Michaela Leger dragging a yellow kayak on the beach with a paddle under her arm and dog by her side.
The eerie last photo of Michaela Leger was taken on October 21 at Raumati Beach, north of Wellington, New Zealand. Source: New Zealand police

Leger wore a lifejacket and was dressed in a red top, and grey track pants while carrying a bag.

She reportedly paddled away and the member of public lost sight of her around 8.30 pm.

The incident occurred at Raumati Beach, north of Wellington, and despite an extensive search by land, air and sea, Leger has not been seen since. It is also not known who captured the image of Leger, except that they believed she had stolen the kayak from a nearby property.

Unknown if paddle found belongs to missing woman

Several days after Leger was reported missing, police found a paddle in the water, however, it could not be confirmed whether it was the one Leger was spotted with.

“The type of paddle is the same, but it can not be confirmed whether it was the exact paddle due to the generic nature of it," a police spokesperson said, according to Stuff. "Police are extremely concerned for Michaela."

At this stage police have ceased a physical search of Leger but an investigation continues to follow any leads which may help authorities locate her, with the dog Leger was pictured believed to be in the care of a local pound.

Leger reportedly missed court hearing

Leger went missing days before she was due to appear in court on drug-related charges, including possession of methamphetamine and cannabis, possession of an offensive weapon, failing to stop for police, possession of drug utensils and refusing to give a body sample, Newshub repots. Police have since issued a warrant for her arrest.

Her family have not given a statement to media following her disappearance.

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