Eerie footage captured on Tesla camera exposes 'dumb' carjacking attempt

The 25-second clip shows how 'breaking into a Tesla' is near-impossible.

A balaclava-wearing man is seen trying to enter a Telsa in Auckland in dashcam footage.
Dashcam footage has captured the 'terrifying' moment a balaclava-wearing man attempted to carjack a Tesla. Source: Facebook

The ever-expanding electric vehicle rollout Down Under has attracted some controversy in recent times, with some arguing EV safety standards are not yet up to scratch.

But it appears that at least when it comes to burglaries and break-ins some models have more of an advantage than petrol cars, as seen in a new Tesla video emerging out of New Zealand this week.

The dashcam footage, captured on a dark road in Auckland, appears to show a large hooded and balaclava-wearing man brazenly approach a Tesla driver in the thick of the night.

The man can be seen rapidly approaching the other driver from his vehicle before he springs out of it and barrels toward the Tesla. The would-be thief runs up to the electric vehicle and appears to demand the driver open the door.

He then tries to open the door himself, but fumbles over Tesla's infamous flat door handles, unable to even grasp the surface. The "terrifying" ordeal took all but 25 seconds before the Tesla driver was able to drive off, leaving the man behind. Yahoo News Australia contacted New Zealand Police with regard to the footage but a spokesperson told us no incident reports had been made matching the vision.

The video was uploaded to several social media platforms on Wednesday, with people both laughing and in shock over the audacious apparent carjacking attempt. "Breaking into a Tesla in a traditional way is near impossible," one person wrote online.

A balaclava-wearing man is seen trying to enter a Telsa in Auckland in dashcam footage.
The large man, donning gloves and a hood, wasn't quite able to workout Tesla's trademark flat door handles. Source: Facebook

"The windows are all laminated glass and it locks when you drive. You'd need a sledgehammer and a few minutes to get in. It's not just Tesla's but quite a few high-end cars."

"Stealing a car that is GPS tracked, has eight camera recordings and the owner has the ability to stop the car from their app on their phone is peak dumb," another said.

"Guy has the body mass and mannerisms of a poorly behaved gorilla," joked a third. Another said the man's "sausage fingers couldn’t grasp the retracted door handle".

"It’s not the first time those clever handles have prevented crime. Good job, Tesla," he said.

The alleged attempted carjacking comes after it was announced the Tesla Model Y electric SUV was the best-selling vehicle in the world in 2023.

Growing in popularity in Australia, experts say people can expect to continue to see more Teslas, and indeed EVs in general, on our roads in the coming months as appetite increases and prices fall thanks to increased consumer competition.

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