Eerie fish with 'a human face' spotted swimming in pond

A peculiar fish with a human-like face has been found swimming in a pond in China.

The fish was spotted in Miao Village within the Chinese city of Kumming, according to the Daily Mail.

Footage of it splashing around the edge of the pond has been uploaded to Weibo, a Chinese social media platform - prompting horrified reactions from viewers across the world.

While it appears the fish, which has been widely reported to be a carp, has the face of a human, it is actually the markings on the fish which give this illusion.

The video was initially uploaded to the Chinese version of TikTok, according to Snopes, a trusted fact-checking site.

While the status of the video is labelled as ‘Unproven’ on their website, Snopes noted the video appears to be genuine.

A video of a fish with peculiar markings swimming in a pond in China has gone viral. Source: In The Know.

“Based on what we’ve found about similar sightings, however, it seems likely that this is a genuine video of a fish with markings on its head that resemble a “human face” when viewed from a certain angle,” Snopes said.

Snopes also suggested this fish could be the same as the one spotted in a pond outside a temple in Japan in April this year.

The fish spotted in April also had the human face-like markings

“That moment when you realise that even a carp is more good looking than you,” someone said on Reddit, where the latest video was reposted.

Another person said human-faced fish were part of “western mythology” and linked to a sketch from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, which features fish with human faces.

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