Wild theories emerge as eerie face appears on hospital bed: 'CREEPY'

A photo of a hospital mattress has gone viral online because it appears to show a face, leading many to believe it's haunted by a supernatural being.

A nurse shared the eerie image on Facebook this week, prompting widespread concern. Many questioned how it got there admitting it was "freaky".

"This appeared at work after the cleaner washed the mattress," the woman wrote online, describing it as "creepy". "It kept reappearing every time she wiped over it".

The cleaner then joined the chat and posted a video in the comments. "This is the video guys!!! I’m the cleaner! it only appears when wet!" she wrote.

The outline of a person's face appears on a hospital mattress.
The face only appears when the mattress is wet, stumping the cleaner and hospital staff. Source: Facebook

The facial imprint, which slowly re-emerged after being wiped, appears to show the outline of a man's face, with a scrunched-up nose, a pronounced chin and prominent brows. The post amassed a huge 15,000 likes with over 1,500 people sharing their thoughts. Some couldn't help but see an uncanny resemblance to some famous faces with music idol Elvis Presley and American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino among them.

For some though, the eerie image triggered fears about the supernatural with many comparing it to a ghost. "Well that is creepy! Someone's soul is trapped in that mattress, it needs a cremation," one joked. Another agreed saying, "someone is trapped in the mattress". While a third said it's "freaking horrifying".

Others were a little more realistic in their assumptions concluding it's the oils of someone's visage. An aged care worker said it was possibly a staff member creating the image with their face for a prank and forgetting to wipe it off. But exactly how the face imprint came to be was still unknown.

"Poor person probably fell. The mattress is one that we use in elderly healthcare facilities," one guessed. But one rebutted, "how hard do you have to slap your face onto the mattress to get all that oil to transfer?".

One woman said her disabled daughter has a similar mattress and the same thing happened to her. "I had my face wedged against it a couple of months ago to grab some toys out from under the bed so I could vacuum, got a good chuckle when I wiped the mattress down and saw an imprint of my squashed-up face on it," she said.

Some remained sceptical however and were convinced it was fake. Many accused the woman of using Photoshop.

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