Follow these easy steps to create your own statement art wall

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If you want to tap into your creative side when it comes to interior design, a DIY statement art gallery wall—like the Organic Gallery Wall from Framebridge—is a great place to start. Gallery walls add style and personality to a room without the permanence of paint or wallpaper. But a gallery wall can be intimidating, so in this episode of Teach Me How, social media strategist, photographer, and interior design expert Grace Lee (@bygracelee) shares her tips and tricks for how to make the perfect statement gallery wall without breaking the bank.

For those who are stressed about picking the images that will go in their gallery wall, Grace has some sage advice. “I like to see it as the frames are telling the story,” she explains. “A statement wall really defines my character, my personality, and makes my mark in the New York City apartment.” When it comes to actually choosing the pieces that will go in the frames, Grace recommends going for images that are simple but still hold meaning.

Once you’ve picked out your images, it’s time to place them. Grace suggests to start with your “anchor piece,” which is typically the biggest piece, and place it at the center of the gallery wall, and then work your way outwards with smaller pieces to add dimension.

But don’t reach for that hammer just yet. Grace recommends making a blueprint of your gallery wall on tracing paper to ensure the spacing between pieces is equal and that you actually like the layout of the gallery wall before making it permanent.

To make your gallery wall master plan, just lay out some tracing paper and place your pieces on top of it. Experiment with the layout to get a feel for what you like best, and once you’ve landed on your gallery wall layout, trace around the pieces. That way, you always have a blueprint to refer to if you ever want to make slight changes or adjustments. All that’s left is to hang up your art and admire your masterpiece!

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