EastEnders' Suki Panesar faces chilling threat from Nish

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Suki Panesar has faced a chilling threat from her estranged husband Nish in EastEnders.

The last few weeks have been tense for Suki and other members of the Six, as they've waited to see whether Nish remembers the events of Christmas Day.

That infamous night started off with Denise Fox knocking Nish out with a bottle to stop him from attacking Suki, before Linda Carter fatally stabbed Keanu Taylor to protect Sharon Watts.

Thus far, Nish has claimed he has no memory of events and unknowingly corroborated the Six's alibi that it was Keanu who'd attacked Nish.

balvinder sopal as suki and navin chowdhry as nish in eastenders

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In Tuesday's (January 25) episode, a terrifying reality set in for the Six as Nish announced that his memory was starting to come back from Christmas Day. He openly taunted wife Suki by revealing he now remembers the Six debating whether they would even call an ambulance for him as he lay bleeding on the floor of the Vic.

Nish immediately used this recovered memory to his advantage by demanding Suki sign over total control of their business to him, or he'd speak to the police about what he remembers.

A panicked Suki gathered the other members of the Six (minus the absent Sharon) to another private meeting to mull over Nish's ultimatum.

The other members of the Six put pressure on Suki to give in to Nish's demands, with Kathy telling her: "You need to put an end to it. You won't be the first person around here who needs to start again."

navin chowdhry as nish in eastenders

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Suki reluctantly returned to Nish to agree to his demands, telling him he could have everything provided she be left "something little" like the café (where Keanu was buried).

Nish delighted in telling Suki he actually had "nothing" to tell police until now because it's obvious she must be hiding something.

"For you to give up your businesses, everything you've worked for, for you to just roll over, that must be some big secret you and your mates are hiding," Nish told her. "If it's big enough, and bad enough to be that valuable to you, I'm going to find out exactly what you've all done."

Will Nish find out what really happened on Christmas Day?

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