EastEnders star Michelle Collins reveals whether Cindy is turning bad again

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders star Michelle Collins has revealed whether Cindy Beale will turn to her dark side once again.

Cindy has been, by her own standards, rather congenial ever since her return to Albert Square last August, with the character attempting to ease herself back into the community after 25 years away.

There have been some developments in recent weeks, however, that appear to show Cindy getting back up to her old tricks, with the character betraying Ian’s trust after sharing a kiss with ex-husband George Knight.

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Though Kathy gives her a piece of her mind, Cindy will be hellbent on rekindling her past romance with George, even if it means pushing Ian to the side. With the character showcasing some of her past traits, Collins revealed whether Cindy will truly revert to form.

“If we had the old Cindy back, she wouldn't be able to live in Albert Square!” she quipped. “But I do think she's up to her old tricks again. Cindy's good at being manipulative, and for some reason, she can make men do what she wants them to for a while.

“Eventually, I think they will catch on. Living a nice, quiet family life isn't for Cindy. Some people calm down a bit as they get older, but not Cindy. She's bold, brazen and can't help but create drama. If you thought that Cindy had settled down, forget it!”

Cindy and George's rekindling is brought about in rather unfortunate circumstances, with the pair teaming up after daughter Anna is mugged. The incident proves to be a happy accident for Cindy, providing an opportunity she is unwilling to let go.

“She's terrified for Anna because she wants her kids to be safe and happy. She's genuinely concerned about her daughter but also loves the idea that she and George can now swoop in to help and be those perfect parents again.

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“Cindy is quite delusional, so she builds up a little scenario in her head where she and George are this perfect team. I think she has genuine love for George but how much that has to do with their girls, I don't know.

“What I do know is that Cindy doesn't like to be turned down and one of the things that makes George so interesting is that she's not his world anymore. There's a part of her that desperately wants George but also knows she might not get him.”

Collins, who previously appeared on ITV soap Coronation Street, also spoke about Cindy’s complicated feelings on the matter, both in terms of her feelings for husband Ian as well as George's failed relationship with Elaine.

“She knows that their [George and Elaine's] split will cause trouble, so maybe there's a part of her who likes a bit of excitement,” said Collins. “But she also does have some conscience about hurting people because she's not totally bad – she is just very driven by her emotions all the time.

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“Cindy is worried about upsetting Ian, and she's torn because she probably knows that she's in a better place with him than she would be with George. Ian saved Cindy, and she knows that.

“She doesn't want to upset Ian because she's got a roof over her head and if Ian throws her out, where is she going to go? When he threw her out before, where did she go? To George! Even I find it hard to keep up with what Cindy is doing because she's so complex.

“It's a really difficult living situation because she knows that Kathy can't tolerate her and hates her, and she doesn't like Kathy, but she knows where her bread is buttered at the moment. George is not Ian, and while he does love Cindy, he also knows her very well.”

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