EastEnders star James Farrar explains Zack and Whitney wedding twist

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders actor James Farrar has spoken about the Zack Hudson and Whitney Dean wedding twist.

By the time we arrive at Whitney's final episodes next week, she will have given birth to baby Dolly, had her wedding cancelled, and then have Jack turn around and say that they should tie the knot as originally planned anyway.

There's also the added wrinkle of Zack having cheated on her with Lauren Branning, which Bianca Jackson knows about. And in true soap fashion, Whitney will learn about his infidelity... during the wedding itself!

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Speaking about the scenes, Farrar explained that Zack "impulsively" decided to marry Whitney last-minute partly because of Dolly's arrival, which is everything he wanted out of life, but he also has an ulterior motive.

"I think it's his get out of jail card," Farrar added. "It's genuinely hard for Zack to go ahead with it without being honest and open to Whitney, and he has tried to be honest at different occasions but in true EastEnders style, it all comes out at the wrong moment…"

Speaking about the moment where he sees Whitney walking down the aisle, Farrar said that Zack forgets that Bianca, Britney and Lauren are there, stating: "There is no one else in the world at that point, apart from Dolly and Whitney."

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Once the secret does get revealed, Zack will "try and rectify the situation" as he ultimately doesn’t want to lose Dolly", while the actor noted that his character is also terrified of Sharon Watts' reaction.

"She's trusted him and has seen him turn his life around and has supported him through so many life events over the past year so it’s that fear of disappointing her," he continued.

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