EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell to question Sharon in new The Six twist

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders’ Sharon Watts is set to be questioned by Phil Mitchell in a new twist involving The Six.

This week, Sharon and Linda have been rocked by the news about Keanu’s funeral, and struggle with their guilt surrounding his death.

In scenes that will air next week, Father’s Day leaves Phil feeling lonely without Ben and Louise, while Denise takes Raymond to prepare for Jordan’s baptism.

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Phil is even more hurt when Callum doesn’t invite him to a video call with Ben, so he decides to ask Sharon for more time with Albie.

While Sharon is initially reluctant, she soon changes her mind, and she enjoys seeing Phil and Albie bonding through playing football.

After encouragement from Sharon, Callum asks Phil to join Ben’s prison call. However, Sharon leaves suddenly when Callum starts asking questions about Dean and Keanu.

Phil intercepts a suspicious text from Linda on Sharon’s phone, so calls round to speak to her and demands to know the truth.

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Meanwhile, Callum also has his suspicions about the women, following a comment made by Linda.

Callum arrives for Ben’s prison call, but Phil soon leaves when he shares details about his earlier conversation with Sharon.

Phil continues to question Sharon but she remains firm that there is nothing to tell. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Phil decides to head to The Vic to ask Linda himself, but Sharon stops him in his tracks.

Sharon is later spooked when she bumps into Callum in the café, and he tells her that he’s speaking to the detectives who investigated Keanu’s murder about the case.

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Concerned about what he might find out, Sharon heads to The Vic to see Johnny, Linda and Jack to come up with a plan to keep Callum off the scent.

While Jack speaks to Callum and tries to deter him professionally, Johnny takes things further and later uses Ben’s absence to try and convince him otherwise.

Will Callum continue to investigate, and what will he uncover?

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