EastEnders' Lexi confronts Nadine over lie

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Lexi Pearce has confronted Nadine Keller over her baby lie in EastEnders.

Jay Brown has been trying to get his stepdaughter Lexi and the woman supposedly pregnant with his child, Nadine, on better terms after a tense first meeting last week.

Viewers know that Nadine has been faking her pregnancy to get closer to Jay, with Lexi seemingly rumbling her scheme after spotting her drinking alcohol.

In Thursday's (April 25) episode, Jay arranged a meal at the Vic with both Lexi and Nadine to make peace but it didn't go to plan.

When Nadine asked Lexi for help picking outfits for the baby, the youngster shot back: "Don't pretend you care about her! I saw you drinking — like, drinking drinking."

nadine, jay and lexi in eastenders

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A flustered Nadine was forced to think on her feet as Lexi alleged she'd hidden a bottle of alcohol that she was tipping into her drink at The Albert.

"I know what I saw, you're a liar," Lexi declared.

Nadine rushed out of the bar, with Jay accusing Lexi of misreading the situation. In the Vic's beer garden, Jay tried to convince Nadine to give Lexi another chance since the girl recently lost her mum.

lexi in eastenders

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"This baby will be the only thing to come out of the year," Jay assured her.

Lexi apologised at Jay's request, with Jay suggesting they "start all over again". As Jay walked away, Nadine and Lexi eyed one another suspiciously.

Will Lexi expose Nadine's lies?

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