EastEnders' Kat Slater makes a decision after Phil betrayal

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Kat Slater will make a big decision about her future next week, after discovering that her fiancé Phil Mitchell has been keeping secrets from her.

Kat is furious when Alfie admits that Tommy lashed out at him a few weeks ago and that he and Phil have been dealing with it without her, by taking him to the boxing den.

Furious that she wasn't kept in the loop about what was going on, Kat confronts Phil over keeping secrets.

kat moon, eastenders

Amid their heated confrontation, Phil makes things even worse by accidentally letting slip about Alfie’s cancer scare.

Kat is horrified when Phil reveals Alfie should be getting prostate cancer results that day, and she drops everything to be with him at the hospital.

After supporting Alfie at the hospital, Kat rows with Phil over his deception.

phil mitchell, kat moon, eastenders

With things tense afterwards, Phil tries to make amends with Kat, but she freezes him out.

Phil confides in Sharon over his problems with Kat and is left inspired to fight for their relationship.

Following Sharon's advice, Phil arrives at the cab office with chocolates for Kat, but his attempts to make up are unsuccessful.

phil mitchell, sharon watts, eastenders

In a state, Phil storms over to Peggy's to be alone, but Emma barges in amid her own issues, and demands a G&T.

At the Vic, Sharon talks sense into Kat, who decides to go looking for Phil.

sharon watts, kat moon, eastenders

The following day, Phil sheepishly returns home to Kat, who is angry he stayed out all night.

Over lunch, Phil promises to be straight with her from now on but he's left unsettled after spotting a coy Emma.

Unaware of Phil's new angst, Kat is left re-evaluating her future after Alfie lets the boys down.

phil mitchell, kat moon, linda carter, eastenders

On a whim, Kat makes a decision and books the registry office, which has had a cancellation.

In The Vic, Kat later announces that she and Phil are due to marry the following week, but does a new secret loom over their happiness?

phil mitchell, kat moon, linda carter, eastenders

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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