EastEnders fans call out Sonia's funny Bargain Hunt mishap

EastEnders viewers were left in stitches at Sonia Fowler's hilarious mix-up of Bargain Hunt and Flog It! in a recent episode.

In a scene aired on March 6, Sonia accidentally turned on the TV when cradling Lily Slater's daughter Charli.

As the nurse was holding the wailing baby, she was amazed when the little girl immediately stopped crying, soothed by the sound of what Sonia thought was Bargain Hunt. Except it was actually an old episode of antique reality TV programme Flog It!, as some amused fans pointed out.

natalie cassidy as sonia in eastenders

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"Do you know? My Bex used to like watching Bargain Hunt. Course, it was David Dickinson back then, not this new bloke. But I think you've got very good taste. See? Ain't so bad, is it?" Sonia told baby Charli, reminiscing on her own daughter being a fan of the same show.

"Do you know? The best ones are the ones you don't expect. They all go for gold and silver. Ain't worth much anymore. Teaspoons and old pots. But every now and again... someone makes a fortune out of an old coat rack.

"Just teaches you, doesn't it? Life doesn't always go to plan. You've just got to hope it turns out right in the end."

Despite Sonia giving an emotional monologue when thinking about Bex liking Bargain Hunt, some viewers couldn't look past the mishap, taking to Twitter/X to point out the error.

natalie cassidy as sonia fowler in eastenders

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"Obsessed with Sonia showing baby Charli an episode of 'Bargain Hunt' but actually watching Flog It," one viewer noted.

"That's a very old episode of Flog It, Sonia, not Bargain Hunt. What year is this, 2003??" was another comment.

"Sonia that is a very old episode of Flog It," another fan posted.

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