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Early Prime Day deals include up to 58 percent off Amazon Fire tablets

Amazon Prime Day brings the Fire HD 8 down to a record-low of $55.


Amazon Prime Day is nearly upon us, as the festivities officially kick off on July 16. However, there are already plenty of early Prime Day deals making the rounds. Even better? Some of these discounts are among the best Prime Day deals we’ve seen so far. Case in point? There’s a sweeping sale on various Amazon Fire tablets with some record-low prices.

This is a record-low price. 

$55 at Amazon

The Fire HD 8 has been discounted to just $55, which is 58 percent off and a record-low price. Don’t let the low cost fool you. This is a surprisingly decent tablet that’s perfect for content consumption. I have one and it’s great for streaming episode after episode of 90s Star Trek while sick in bed.

The battery lasts around 13 hours per charge and the HD display gets the job done, though it won’t be winning any visual fidelity awards. This sale is for the 64GB model, which is twice the storage of the entry-level tablet. Additionally, there’s a microSD slot that adds up to 1TB of expandable storage.

This isn’t an iPad Pro, however, so there are trade-offs. It’s underpowered and only offers 2GB of RAM. Like I said before, this tablet is for laying around and watching stuff or playing simple mobile games. It’s not for power-intensive creativity-focused apps. You get what you pay for, though the price has certainly been sweetened.

For those looking for a slightly higher-end experience, the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is also on sale for $75 instead of $140. The kid-friendly version of this model actually made our list of the best tablets. The RAM is slightly increased compared to the Fire 8, at 3GB, though the base storage is 32GB. This one also has a microSD slot that accommodates up to 1TB.

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