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E-bike explodes in garage, fire spreads to Sydney home

A man has jumped from a second storey balcony of a Sydney home to escape a blaze after an e-bike charging in the garage exploded and flames spread to the ground floor.

Fourteen Fire and Rescue NSW trucks attended the fire which broke out around 8pm on Sunday at Eastgardens in Sydney's east.

All the people inside managed to escape the blaze unscathed, including the man who was forced to jump to safety.

Fire investigators believe a faulty lithium-ion battery on the bike exploded, causing the fire, which has badly damaged the home and destroyed a car in the garage.

Hazardous Materials firefighters removed several other lithium-ion batteries from the scene, amid concerns they were compromised by fire and are at risk of igniting or exploding.

The e-bike battery was immersed in water by firefighters to prevent re-ignition and they remained at the scene overnight to monitor the situation.

FRNSW issued a statement warning faulty or over-charged lithium-ion batteries pose a serious safety risk.

They can explode, causing intense fires that are extremely difficult to extinguish and are at risk of re-igniting.

It warned the public to choose reputable and compatible lithium-ion battery brands and avoid over-charging devices while asleep or away from home.