Dylan Voller's bail conditions relaxed

Lucy Hughes Jones
Dylan Voller's bail conditions relaxed

The teenager at the centre of the Northern Territory juvenile justice royal commission has had his bail conditions relaxed for good behaviour.

Former inmate Dylan Voller, who was notoriously tear gassed and shackled to a restraint chair, can now spend more time with his family as his rehabilitation stint wraps up.

The 19-year-old was jailed in 2014 for a violent, ice-fuelled crime spree but was granted bail in February to undergo the Alice Springs BushMob program.

That's due to finish in one month, and on Thursday the NT supreme court changed Voller's bail conditions further, allowing him to occasionally spend the night at his brother's house.

He has been complying with strict bail conditions including random alcohol and drug testing, counselling and electronic monitoring.

On Friday former chief minister Adam Giles, who was in charge when Voller and five other Don Dale Youth Detention Centre detainees were tear gassed and spithooded, was due to front the inquiry.

Mr Giles was Country Liberals leader when the shocking 2014 footage was aired on national television last July, prompting Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to call the commission.

Mr Giles said the scandal cost him his once safe seat in a landslide election defeat a month later.