Dying girl's parents make desperate plea

A Perth family is appealing for help to bring their little girl home after receiving treatment for a brain turmour in Mexico.

Little Annabelle Nguyen, 5, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2015 and wasn’t meant to live past her fourth birthday.

According to a GoFundMe page, Annabelle’s mother, Sandy, noticed she was “rubbing her eyes nearly every night she had a night terror that work her up screaming and crying”. 

Ms Nguyen rushed her to hospital, and it was later determined she had a tumour. The family tried Chinese medicine in Vietnam, but when that didn’t work the parents, despite recommendations not to, flew her to Mexico for treatment.

The parents of little Annabelle Nguyen are appealing for help to bring her home after taking her to Mexico for treatment on a brain tumour. Source: Facebook/ Fighting DIPG with Annabelle

Sandy and Choong Nguyen sold everything, including their home. It’s cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

In February, doctors in Mexico told the family Annabelle’s cancer was gone.

“I was just speechless, I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t cry, I didn’t laugh I didn’t do anything. I was like ‘are you serious?’. It was unbelievable,” Ms Nguyen told 7 News.

“There’s no tumour, there’s no activity in her brain at the moment. So, we are very very thankful and very very happy.”

The five-year-old’s condition has gotten worse. Source: Facebook/ Fighting DIPG with Annabelle

However, Annabelle’s tumours have since returned. Ms Nguyen wrote on Facebook on Wednesday that the little girl has been in a deep coma for 26 days. 

“She hasn’t woken up since and it’s getting harder to watch her every day,” she wrote.

“It’s almost unbearable but Annabelle is a very strong girl and she wouldn’t like to see us cry. It’s very hard to put her sister to sleep at nights and Annabelle supposed to be right next to her. I miss making her breakfast every morning. I miss her giggles.” 

Anabelle has been in a coma for nearly a month. Source: Facebook/ Fighting DIPG with Annabelle

With the family exhausting their expenses, they are now appealing for help to bring Annabelle home, The Sunday Telegraph reports. They can’t afford to keep their little girl in Mexico and can’t afford to head back to Australia either since Annabelle needs a breathing apparatus.

The distressed mum has reached out to Australian government for help to bring her home.

“We cannot afford anything, we are completely out of money, bankrupt,” she told the paper.

“We cannot stay but we cannot leave either given the circumstances. I want to take Annabelle back for better care and a chance to live.”

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade told Yahoo7 in a statement “is providing consular assistance to an Australian family in Monterrey, Mexico”.

“Due to privacy obligations we are unable to provide further information,” the spokesperson said.