Dutton will reveal Games overstay numbers

Karen Sweeney

Border Force officials are trying to round up Commonwealth Games visa overstayers to deport them to their home countries.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has confirmed he'll reveal the full number of athletes and team staff who overstayed their event visas, but not until he's certain those who remain have legitimate intentions.

There were 13,500 visas issues to athletes, team officials and others for the Gold Coast event, and while some are seeking asylum he says others may have stayed on for business or other purposes.

Initially, it was believed 11 participants had not returned home, including five boxers and three wrestlers from Cameroon, two athletes from Uganda and a Rwandan Paralympic powerlifting coach.

But Sydney Refugee Advice and Casework Service principle solicitor Sarah Dale said there were more than 19.

Her organisation helped a number of people lodge applications for protection before their federally approved games visas expired on Tuesday night.

It's reported five have sought asylum in Canberra.

Mr Dutton said border officials were pursuing enforcement action against some overstayers.

Those seeking asylum would be expected to be put on a bridging visa while the legitimacy of their claims are determined.

Greens senator Nick McKim said he would quiz department officials on the numbers during Senate estimates hearings next week.

The Gold Coast games concluded on April 15.