Dutton flags support for budget cuts to fund subs deal

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has flagged the Liberals' support for possible budget cuts to help cover the cost of Australia's security pact with the United States and United Kingdom.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is set to unveil the details of the agreement alongside his counterparts US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Tuesday.

The security pact includes a nuclear submarines deal which is expected to come with a $200 billion price tag.

Mr Dutton told ABC 7.30 he was willing to work with the government to make tough budgetary decisions, such as measures to keep the National Disability and Insurance Scheme sustainable.

Asked if the opposition was prepared to support the Labor government's budget savings to foot the AUKUS bill, Mr Dutton said the short answer was yes.

"If there are different ways in which we can provide support to the government, we're happy to do that," he said on Monday.

"There will always be points of difference about where spending priorities lie and we'll work through all of that."

The opposition leader said the multibillion-dollar figure would span into the 2050s, but the most important numbers to look at would be the budgetary cost in the next three years.

"We would encourage the government to be transparent about the money that's involved," he said.

"Be upfront with the Australian people because it is a costly process but, as history has demonstrated, there's an enormous price to inaction as well."