Dutch reporter suspects stay behind bars

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The two main suspects in an attack on high-profile Dutch crime reporter Peter R de Vries will remain behind bars after the magistrate extended pre-trial detention for two weeks.

On Tuesday evening, de Vries was shot in the middle of Amsterdam and critically injured.

His life is still in danger.

Hours afterwards, based on witness testimony and camera footage, two men were arrested on a highway 60km from Amsterdam.

They have been identified as a 35-year-old Polish citizen living in the southeast of the Netherlands and a 21-year-old from Rotterdam.

The police has given no further details on the background to the attack.

Various indications point to organised crime, however.

De Vries is a leading crime reporter in the Netherlands and regularly appears as a spokesman for victims or witnesses at trials.

Currently, he is the confidant of the key witness in a major trial against organised crime.

In connection with the trial, the lawyer of the state witness was also shot in 2019.

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