WATCH: Students use backpacks to chase knifeman with huge blades off school grounds

A man wielding two huge knives at a school was chased off the campus by students who used their backpacks as weapons.

Footage, which appears to have been recorded from a nearby balcony, shows a man running from a pack of students at Scala College, in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands.

The 44-year-old knifeman runs away so quickly that he trips over a backpack thrown at him and falls to the ground.

The man was captured on video running out of the school after being chased by a group of students. Source: LiveLeak

The incident then takes a dramatic turn when the man jumps to his feet and begins waving his knives at the students.

Despite this, the group of students continue to close in on the man, one laying the boot in while another lobs a second backpack at him.

After falling over, the man got back on his feet and waved two large knives around. Source: LiveLeak

Realising he isn't scaring them despite holding two knives up in an attack stance, the man continues to move back away from the pack of students and after about 20 seconds, walks away.

He was arrested at the scene by police and two large knives were confiscated, The Sun reports.

It's understood the man was already known to police.