Dutch girl 'threatened teacher' on cartoon

Annette Birschel
·1-min read

An 18-year-old girl has been arrested in Rotterdam on suspicion of using social media to call for violence against her school and a teacher who had refused to remove a cartoon from his classroom, Dutch police said on Friday.

The news comes after the teacher from Emmaus College in Rotterdam went into hiding after receiving threats over the cartoon, which showed a decapitated man sticking his tongue out at a jihadist who beheaded him.

The man in the cartoon is wearing a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt, a reference to a French satirical magazine at the centre of a controversy about the right to show images of the prophet Mohammed, which is forbidden in Islam.

After the beheading of a teacher near Paris who had shown a Charlie Hebdo cartoon in a class about freedom of speech, the students in Rotterdam had asked their teacher to remove the cartoon because they said it was offensive, which he declined to do.

A photo of the cartoon subsequently circulated on social media, prompting threats against the teacher.