Widow's tears not for lack of verdict

Sarah Motherwell

The widow of a man who died outside a Queensland nightclub says she understands why a jury acquitted two men charged with causing her husband's death.

Wade Goldsworthy and Matthew Hill, both aged 30, were on Friday found not guilty by a Brisbane Supreme Court jury of the manslaughter of 45-year-old Wayne Dover.

Mr Dover died outside the Factory nightclub in Maroochydore in November 2013 after suffering a tear to a major artery in his neck.

Outside court, his widow Michelle Dover said she understood why the jurors reached their verdict and accepted it.

"My tears right now aren't about being sad at not getting a verdict," Ms Dover said.

"I wasn't here for revenge, I wasn't here to make someone pay.

"My husband was a really good man and to become a widow at 39 is something I don't really want anyone to have to deal with."

Crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy had argued Mr Dover was fatally bashed after he was "provoked into action" by being called a sleaze.

The trial heard a security guard saw Mr Dover being repeatedly punched in the face and head, and later unconscious on his back with three men crouched over him.

Lawyers for Mr Goldsworthy and Mr Hill had argued neither man acted as an aggressor while a third man, Blake Goldsworthy, was acquitted on Monday as the trial ended after Justice Martin Burns found he had no case to answer.

The jury found Mr Goldsworthy and Mr Hill not guilty of manslaughter after deliberating for almost 10 hours.