Dune: Part Two too long for Conwy cinema car park limit

Film lovers have been hit with unexpected parking fines after enjoying the newest Hollywood blockbuster due to a time limit at a cinema car park.

A three-hour limit was recently introduced at Cineworld's car park in Llandudno Junction, Conwy county.

People watching Dune: Part Two found themselves overstaying the limit because the film - without adverts - is over two-and-three-quarter hours long.

Cineworld said its system meant people could register cars to avoid a fine.

However, some drivers said they were not aware they needed to register their number plate before watching the film.

Posting on Facebook, Gwynne Reddick said: "So, how do we appeal a parking charge?

"Had no idea about this until the parking charge arrived this morning? Why weren't we warned by staff when they scanned our ticket for Dune 2?"

Caron Ethan Boyle, wrote online: "Went last week to watch Dune 2 and just received a fine through the post today.

"Been coming here for years so didn't think to check for parking restrictions and was not informed when at the till."

The parking restrictions came into force at the start of March and Cineworld said on social media that the decision was made by the external company that owns the car park.

It added: "We realise that the restrictions in place do state that it is a maximum of a three-hour stay.

"However, please don't worry! We have tablets inside of the cinema which you will need to enter your car details into upon your arrival. This will allow you to extend your stay free of charge."

The car park is managed by UK Parking Control Ltd, which BBC Wales has contacted for comment.